Utility Room Furniture

Utility room storage

A functional space for laundry and other everyday activities is definitely worth considering when designing your new kitchen. A well designed laundry room will serve you well and is likely to be one of the most often used spaces in your home. We have a range of quality furniture designed to provide organised and functional storage.

Birch plywood laundry cabinets

A room with a purpose

A well planned utility room or laundry room will be an ergonomic area where you can carry out a number of household tasks away from your main kitchen space keeping it clean and clutter free. Ideally located close to your kitchen the benefit being you can share electrical and plumbing connections. With access from the rear or side of your home your utility room will provide an area where you can remove coats and muddy boots without worrying too much about the mess caused by busy family life.

Birch plywood utility room cupboards

Simple, functional utility room design

Our range of laundry room and utility room furniture is very comprehensive. By creating zones you can efficiently carry out everyday household tasks with ease. Laundry, ironing, pet grooming and other household chores are all made easier.

Clever laundry room storage units

Utility furniture cabinet colour options

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